The 13th UTokyo Techno-Science café Report2July 28, 2013


Techno Science Cafe ‘The Future of Battery and EV’ was held on 28th, July, 2013 in the University of Tokyo.
More than 40 children-mainly from upper grades of the elementary school joined.
Firstly, Mr. Ken-ichi Tsutsumi from MITSUBISHI Motors delivered a speech about Electric Vehicles (EV). The history, the formation and also the future of EV were introduced. There were many new issues that surprised the children in the speech, such as: actually the history of EV is much longer than that of gasoline car.
Secondly, Prof. Yamada from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Tokyo delivered a speech about battery. The principle of how batteries work, researches of batteries made now, and even the hot issues of energy were delivered easily to understand. Not only the children, but the parents were also very into the speech.
After the speeches, a chance was given by MITSUBISHI Motors to ride on ‘iMiEV’-EV made by MITSUBISHI Motors - around the campus. Although it was only a short period, both the children and the parents experienced how fast and silent EV was while running.
Finally, group-work workshop was held by university students. Children were divided into 6 groups, and they had fun answering quizzes about batteries and also making batteries themselves.
In the quiz corner, they learned many that they didn’t know. Such as: there are over 4000 types of batteries in the world, and the first person who made battery was a Japanese, etc. Later, in order to let the children know that people are also electrolyte, an activity was held that: 5 children were asked to hold spoons and a piece of foil on their hands. And when they were connected by wires, they made the music box sang. The children were very excited. At last, children were asked to make a battery from the materials in everyday life-charcoal, salt water and aluminum foil. They were asked to use the batteries they made to spin the propellers. Through this, the children learned about the principle of battery by making it by themselves.
When preparing for this Techno Science Café, we found that there were many contents that might be difficult for the children to understand. So we thought a lot about how to make it easier for the children to understand. When the program actually started, we found that the children were far more eager in learning new things than we have thought. We felt very happy too.
We, as university students, have also found many new knowledge about batteries, even we are using them every day. Moreover, we learned much from the children’s attitude towards learning. We ourselves have gained many from this event.
We hope that this kind of event can call for the children’s will to develop the world of science. See you next time.

2013年7月28日,举办了“东京大学Techno Science Café——电池与车的未来”活动,共小学高年级的孩子们40余名参加。
 这次的Techno Science Café多多少少有一些对孩子们来说较难的内容。在准备的时候,我们就一直在思考怎么才能更易懂地向孩子们传达这些知识。真正到活动当天,我们发现这些孩子们都特别好学,并且有特别强的好奇心,这让我们非常高兴。


また、ご講演の前にはご厚意で「電気自動車 iMiEV」にも乗せていただき、わずかの間でしたが大学構内を「無音の自動車」で走り回る体験もしました。

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