The UTokyo Techno-Science Café Special Version ReportAugust 10, 2016 工学系2号館


The 22nd Techno-Science Café, “Design and Manufacturing” was held again on August 10, 2016. About 60 students from elementary school to high school participated in the event. At the beginning of this event, Assoc. Prof. Nagato gave the children the lecture about product design and manufacturing. He also gave them quizzes about product design and manufacturing. The participants answered actively. 2016年8月10日、第22回東大テクノサイエンスカフェ「デザインとものづくり」がもう一度開催されました。2回目は前回よりも多く、小学生から高校生まで、60人近くの子供達が参加しました。まず長藤准教授にデザインとものづくり双方について講義をしていただきました。デザインとものづくりに関するクイズに子供たちも積極的に答えていました。


In the lecture, the children tried some hands on activities about product design and manufacturing using color clay. This time, the contents of hands on activities were changed a little bit since the number of the children had increased in double and the size of the venue was different from previous time. Because this was our second time, it was easy for us to support the children.



At the end of the event, we took commemorative photos with Assoc. Prof. Nagato. I felt glad that I saw the children enjoy this event. Also this time, I saw the children ask Assoc. Prof. Nagato some questions eagerly. Some topics they asked were very advanced. It made me surprised. As a person who is much older and much more experienced than them, this experience made me to feel I would like to do my best to be their example. 長藤准教授とともに写真撮影を行いイベントは終了しました。楽しそうな子供達の様子を見て、スタッフを引き受けてよかったと感じました。また、今回もイベント後に熱心に長藤准教授に質問をする子供たちが見られました。彼らの質問内容にはとても高度な内容もあり正直驚かされました。先輩として、彼らに負けないように精進していきたいと思います。

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