The 11th UTokyo Techno-Science café Report1March 24, 2013


The 11th Todai Techno-Science café was held on 24th Mar. This time its theme was “Engineering school-an introduction to manufacturing-.” In the beginning of the event, Prof. Shinji Suzuki introduced the faculty of Engineering in the University of Tokyo. Thereafter, Mr. Steven Hahn from the Boeing Company suddenly started his presentation in English. Children there get puzzled hearing him…but then he switched to fluent Japanese! To tell the truth, he had been working in Japan for some years. That created a more relaxed atmosphere. 3月24日、「工学道場 -ものづくり入門-」というテーマで第11回東大テクノサイエンスカフェが開催されました。冒頭、国際工学教育推進機構の鈴木真二教授による工学部紹介に続き、スポンサーであるボーイング社のスティーブン・ハーン様による講演が行われました。突然英語で始まる講演に戸惑う子供たち。すると突然、ハーン様が急に流暢な日本語で話し始めました!実はハーン様は日本での勤務経験があるとのことで、日本語がお上手なのです。このことで会場の雰囲気が急に和らぎました。


After the introduction, students from the department of aeronautics and astronautics started a lecture on how an aircraft works. The main wing, the tail assembly and the propeller…children learned the function of each unit by communicating with the students. Some children know much about aircraft:
Student “Does anyone know the name of this unit?”
A boy “the tail assembly!”
He must be an expert of planes! Next, Mr. Shigeru Kanegawa from Grobal Center for Innovation in Engineering Education started a small wind tunnel test. He demonstrated with his hand-made colorful equipment that a wing generates lifting power, which makes planes float in the air. After that, they finally made their plane model. Made it well? Then it’s time to test it. If you have done everything well, your plane flies long and straight. They tried many times with the help of assistants.


Finally, they visited RoboTech, the club that plays an active part in the NHK Robot Contest every year. Children were staring at the robots pile blocks quickly and correctly and students seriously adjust them. I hope many of them will return here as Todai students in the future. その後は毎年NHKロボットコンテストに東京大学代表として出場し好成績を上げている、東京大学RoboTechの見学を行いました。素早く正確に積み木を積んでいくロボットと、真剣にその調整を行う学生に子供たちは釘付けです。この中の多くの子供達が将来東大生としてこの場に戻ってくることを願ってやみません。

木原 郁 KIHARA, Kaoru (Ms.)