The 24th UTokyo Techno-Science Café ReportJuly 28, 2017 工学系11号館講堂


On July 28, 2017, the 24th Techno-Science Cafe was held at the building 11 of the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. About 50 children from elementary school to junior high school participated in this event.

The Techno-Science cafe was held in two parts. In the first part, a lecture with a simple experiment was held by Dr. Hiroshi Nonaka, lecturer, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, with the theme of "How does it illumine?" In the second part, hands on activities with making slimes that emit fluorescence and luminescence by itself while mixing chemical agents, with the theme of "Let’s make your own glowing slime!" 今回のテクノサイエンスカフェは2部構成で行われました。前半の部では「光るってどういうこと?」というテーマで、化学生命工学専攻の野中洋講師に簡単な実験を交えた講義を行って頂きました。後半の部では、「光るスライムをつくってみよう!」というテーマで、蛍光を発するスライムや、混ぜている間に自ら発光するスライムなどの作成を行いました。


The details of the first part follows. Dr. Nonaka explained the difference between fluorescence and luminescence, and the mechanism of light emission taking firefly’s light as an example. After that, the luminescence reaction that actually occurs in the body of firefly was reproduced in the test tube. In the dark venue, children mixed solutions to make the light of firefly in the test tube and they were surprised and excited with a solution that glowed orange like fireflies.


In the second part, we made light-emitting slimes. Initially, we made two types of slimes, one with yellow and another with pink fluorescent color, that glow under UV light. Children enjoyed making slimes with creative ideas, such as mixing two slimes with different colors to make a new fluorescent colored slime.
Finally, we made slimes that emit luminescnence. After lights off the venue, children mixed a plain colored slime with the luminescence materials in the dark venue. Children were excited and satisfied when their slimes were starting to illumine.


When I read the questionnaire that the children wrote, I often found a statement saying that they were satisfied because they could understand the mechanism of light emission of fireflies. I am pleased that I could help them get interested in chemical phenomenon of light emission in depth through making slime at the techno-science café. I am also glad that I could participate this event as a student staff because this experience was a great opportunity for me to learn how to teach children and other people who does not have a basic knowledge.
School of Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Makoto Ito (M1)

工学系研究科化学生命工学専攻 修士1年 伊藤 慎