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    It was full of elation first when I arrived at Tokyo University. We were easy to understand the s...

    November 14, 2014
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Kofuhigashi High School 2014November 14, 2014


It was full of elation first when I arrived at Tokyo University. We were easy to understand the story of a student of the aerospace engineering department and were fun. Much knowledge and social information were necessary and knew that there was the process when the decision of the concept or the meeting with a company were small some other time to make a plane. In addition, I thought as much as surprisingly many people were concerned with one plane and I liked airplanes and was interested that there should be the opportunity when little in the future, oneself was engaged. Make a plane how 1:00 period; checked whether can work, and like airplanes. Therefore I was excited more when I had you really show a flight robot and the flight picture. Structure and the plan of the body were thought about very minutely and thought students to be great obediently.

Kurumi Takano
 最初東京大学に着いたときは高揚感でいっぱいでした。想像していた固い雰囲気とは違って、その和やかさに驚きました。航空宇宙工学科の学生さんのお話は、私たちにもわかりやすくて楽しかったです。航空機を造るのにはたくさんの知識や社会の情報が必要で、コンセプトの決定や企業さんとの打ち合わせなどの細かい過程があることを改めて知りました。また一つの航空機に驚くほどたくさんの人が関わっていて、飛行機が好きで興味があった分、自分も将来少しでも携わる機会があったらいいなと思いました。実際に飛行ロボットやその飛行映像を見せていただいた時はもっと興奮しました。機体の構造や設計図はとても綿密に考えられていて、素直に学生さんたちをすごいと思いました。構内散策は建物の歴史が感じられて面白かったです。昼食時のinternational Friday lounge では、自分の英語力のなさとコミュニケーション力のなさを痛感しました。周りの学生さんたちはきれいな発音で自分の話したいことを好きなように話していて格好良かったです。自分も言いたいことを伝える力があればもっと楽しかっただろうな、と思い山梨に帰ってきてから英語の教材を買ってしまいました。英語に苦手意識を持っていた私にとってとても大きな影響でした。



I have never got on an airplane. There is no airport near my house, I have never seen only the plane on television and photos. I learned about aerospace engineering at the University of Tokyo.
First of all, I was taught to students about airplane production. I had thought that make the airplane if learned only math and physics. However, I learned that you need a variety of subjects, including English for production to meet the needs of society and communications. I learned that a lot of people are involved to make a plane. I found it is amazing of the airplane to fly in the sky.
I asked about the story of the student who made the machine which participated in all-Japan student room flight robot contest next. There were the materials of the body which a student made from light tree and paper. The molding of the body was the thing which felt lost slightly at the same time to be very beautiful. However, the structure of the well-thought body enabled a very stable flight. The figure of the airplane which I turned in the room in particular was very cool.
I was interested in an airplane through this visit. When I board an airplane, I imagine the figure of the designer and want to realize a miracle flying in the sky in future.

Tatsuya Kobayashi



It was the second that I visited Tokyo University this time. It was a pleasure very that I could observe Tokyo University slowly and carefully this time.
Because I chose physical science, I was good because I was able to observe the college of technology related to physical science deeply. The image of the student of the department of engineering of Tokyo University which I had was a scary image with more straightness. However, actually, it was very openhearted and was easy to be concerned, and the story was very interesting, too.
Particularly, a lounge is left in the memory most happily on international Friday. I studied English so far from a junior high school for four years. However, I tried that I talked with a foreign person not to know directly for the first time and, to be frank, one's English knew it or was uneasy. I was not so positive for this activity. However, when, actually, I did it, there was much nationality and I could talk and was fun. In addition, I was unexpectedly glad at all because I could understand that the partner said and had you understand it against one's English. It was the first crop that it put this experience that understood that the body had command of English well.
And I was able to buy many souvenirs in free time. Everybody of the family was satisfied very much with the souvenir which I bought.
I think that this experience leads to the examination for university three years later. This time thank you very much for letting you have such an experience of being valuable while you're busy.

Kaito Watanabe



I have learned about aerospace engineering at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering.
There mainly in, and planes of mechanisms, we have to talk of such process until the airplane is made. Among them, strongly remains is to my mind, had you talk to Kimura, "in order to make the airplane, what good After studying" It is a story that. He is the beginning, the most important subject in the airplane making something, asked to us. I was thinking it would be mathematics or physics. But He said he needed all of the subjects in the airplane making. In order to fly the airplane, since the wind becomes important, You have to learn geography. In order to connect the country and the country is, You have to learn English. In this way, in order to make the plane, I was taught that it is not supposed to not take advantage of all the things you are learning in high school now.
I have heard this story, this is not a story that was only on the plane, I think it applies to all of the work. I, so good at English than in other subjects, was studying English in central. However, If you think now, you were able to just English, I can do is I noticed and he less. I future, we want to learn engineering at university. Do not forget this time of tours, mathematics, not only physical, and learned a lot of things in high school life, and I wanted them all to the future of food.

Ryosuke Kobayashi



Engineering is to practical technology. Things that my own personal roughly and then was only there was no engineering image in thinking felt that it was found more clearly by tour this time the University of Tokyo.
What is an airplane? What is needed to make the plane? Mathematics and physics, of course we need to, but the business is also required English, vocabulary and to presentation also necessary. Although thing of such obvious and did not know clearly until now. I thought that it must have an experiment when to commercialize the technology when I saw the model of the airplane at the University of Tokyo. Now because I think is needed to be future various subjects that have received somehow in high school, I thought that we should receive firmly.
Although I am aspiring to be enrolled at the University of the engineering system, I thought anew If you do not I also need to study science subjects as well as liberal.
Also I thought I would like to find that there is a their interests examine minutely about engineering. 

There were some happy part of this experience, it was also a shock. And carried out that it was able to see the state-of-the-art research to the highest Graduate School of Japan was a great joy for me. On the other hand my English is still was a shock was keenly aware that it is not possible at all. And I want to further study in order to realize their dreams.

Tsubasa Kobayashi
東大を見学して 航空宇宙工学を見て感じたこと


小林 飛翔


We visited The University of Tokyo on November 14th. It took about 3 hours from Yamanashi to Tokyo. We left for Tokyo at 7:00a.m. So I had to get up at 6:00. I was very sleepy in the bus.
We arrived at The University of Tokyo at 10o’clock.First, we looked around campus. We saw a famous building―Yasuda Auditorium. All of us took many pictures. We enjoyed the campus tour. Then we visited school of engineering. We could learn about robot-plane there.
The Department of aeronautics and astronautics team won the 9th All Japan Student's Indoor Flying Robot Contest 2013. We saw the real robot which got the championship.
And we listened to explanation about robot-plane. It was very interesting.
After that, we joined “International Friday Lounge”. We talk with students studying in Japan.

Taichi Nakamura
 その後のInternational Friday Loungeでは様々な国からの留学生と英語で交流した。自分たちの英語が通じるのか不安はあったが、留学生のみなさんも気さくで話やすく、片言ながら英語を使ってよくコミュニケーションがとれたと思う。留学生の中には5か国語を話せる人もいて、日本語と英語だけで精いっぱいの私は驚いてしまった。



I went to the college of technology of Tokyo University for a visit the other day.
Therefore I had you teach various things about an airplane from the student who went to Tokyo University.
There were a lot of airplanes which a student made there and felt it some other time saying it was saying "I can really make the airplane".
The making of airplane seemed to use the study called the engineering mainly, but engineering was study to study what at the start, or I did not know it.
I fly an airplane.
It is easy by the words, and it is really difficult to make it. 
That means, I understood it, but knew that I said that it was much than the thing which I imagined when I really heard a story of the one that I made more difficult.
I knew the world history and knew the relation with the current world and it was how many cooperator need whether it was location requirements, the damage to the circumference, the weight of the airplane, how many riding, or it was the thing which helped economy or thought that it was great to say that I thought about how much the expense was in all oneself from the beginning.
Present I do not know it now what it will be useful for in the future that I study.
It was just good that it was connected to one sometime to study as one study each and utilized it, and the manufacturing such as passenger planes could know that they were connected.
However, it was just good that it was in when to study as one study each, or one could know that I was connected and utilized it, and being connected, time to help
it by all means came to the manufacturing such as passenger planes.
The flight robot which a student made was calculated to the small place and was few robots of waste.
It was the work which kept their knowledge and techniques to have alive to the maximum what was necessary for a meeting to wake up an appointed action whether you lost weight more how you flew if you sharpened where.
I cannot prepare such a work into me. But I wanted to make it. I felt enthusiasm such fantastically.
Present I could do nothing, but felt it when I wanted to come to be able to help other people like a student of Tokyo University.
I was able to have a splendid experience.

Nao Horiike
11月14日は大変お世話になりました。 初めて見た東京大学は想像していたよりも穏やかな雰囲気でした。 どんな方がいるのか、学校内はどんな感じなのか。何もわからない上での見学でしたが、教授の方も学生の方もとても明るく優しくいろいろなことを教えてくださり、進路を考える上での参考になることが多かったです。
昼食時のinternational Friday loungeは初めあまり嬉しいイベントではありませんでした。私は英語が苦手です。 始まるまではとても不安でした。上手く伝えられるだろうか、どうすれば良いのだろうかなど。それでも、実際に会ってみると、とても優しく分かりやすい英語で話してくださったり、日本人の方が助けてくださったりと、今までの不安が無くなりました。苦手な英語も少しだけ分かるようになったり、知らなかった単語を覚えることが出来たり、文法の使い方が分かったりと実際に話すことによって様々なことが理解できるようになりとても勉強になりました。